Friday, November 19, 2010

So last night, we enjoyed a double whammy of adjudicator and newspaper critic. Although as luck would have it, I only found about the latter when I'd made my final (line-speaking) exit.

Wednesday's performance had flung up various audibility issues so, in a bid to counter this - and unfortunately not really knowing how to 'project' - I shouted my way through last night's show, just to be sure that two rows from the front adjudicator wouldn't miss a moment of my so-called art. And as Mr Critic was sat up at the back, it's probably just as well.

I screeched particularly loudly at the start of the second act and spent the rest of it beset by (more) fear that I would go utterly hoarse. But luckily, a cool sleek in the pint afterwards seemed to sort that out and today, my throat feels all smooth and ready to screech again. Lucky.

Anyway, because this isn't meant to be all about me (who'm'I kidding?), the performance as a whole seemed to pass reasonably uneventfully. I mean in a good way. The technical stuff all worked beautifully. The note dropping through the imaginary letterbox in the third scene in the first act was accompanied by an appropriate SFX rather than a more musical one. There was no interminably long pause at the start before the opening music began - I almost missed it. The projectors all seemed to behave themselves. Gordon dressed me impeccably. A few lines were missed or mangled (cue Wendy: "but Claire, you could have just said your next line". Well, absolutely I could have if I hadn't been thinking so hard about what was meant to be said instead) but nothing very noticeable. And indeed the biggest misfortune seemed to arise when a superfast change left my hair in a static mohican which left Cari struggling not to laugh at my absurd appearance. But she held it together with aplomb and so we went on.

Hard to know what Mr Adjudicator made of it. He said some kind things and some niggley things. He promised notes on individual actor's performances by the start of next week. A thought which makes me skin crawl slightly.

And despite I'm sure most of the six cast members frantically checking The Critic's blog repeatedly throughout today, he as yet appears to have made no statement.

But none of these opinions really matter of course as you can come along, if you haven't already and judge for yourself.


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