Sunday, January 17, 2010

Weekend drinking rules

Friday: as much as you like. It is, after all, Friday and therefore, you deserve it. But early to bed as Saturday's body balance (now featuring the flailing windmill warm-up) starts at 10:15am.

Saturday: as much as you like within reason, i.e. no more than two bottles of wine. As Saturday is a day of rest, therefore the alcohol is less richly deserved. And we don't want to ruin Sunday.

Sunday: one bottle only. Excess is wrong on a Sunday (though tempting if you start too early). And you mustn't ruin Monday, a bad enough day as it is without a heavy-headed melancholic start. But a simple (small) bottle just takes the edge off the impending start of the week. It's practically medicinal.

(Please note Sunday's bottle MUST be shared between two.)


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