Thursday, January 07, 2010

All work and no play makes Claire full up with microwave meals. Not that I'm complaining for what better way to spend the first real week of Jan?

So the cat at last lumbered out of the proverbial sacking last night. We announced - I announced - with a deplorable lack of excitement actually - our forthcoming festival show which is to be.... The Tempest.

The venue is still under wraps.

Which is part of the reason why I was so blog quiet twixt Christmas and New Year as I was picking through and through the script trying to figure how best to adapt it to realise my twisted (derivative, according to mother) vision.

Last night's first Wed of the month meeting saw us read my twisted vision. Which was most useful. As it ran at about the time length that I was hoping for. It saw us welcoming 3 possible newbies to the group which is always nice. It gave me the pleasure of sitting next to a certain person who murmured the words of his favourite passages under his breath in an insistent whisper creating an odd stereo sound effect. And I was able to realise that at one careless moment, the same character speaks twice in a row. On account of having sliced a couple of people out of my version. Ruthless but necessary.

So we are all set. Ish. Auditions in April. Do come.


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