Saturday, January 02, 2010

Snapshots from New Year's Eve:

1. Bountiful boa action.

2. Kilts in the kitchen. Corsets in the living room.

3. Though I ran out of time to so do, all the balloons got blown up, thanks!

4. I don't remember anyone actually enjoying my cupcakes but there were less than 38 by the party's end.

5. Ouzo (in the absence of arak and thanks to my lovely Antigone cast) at midnight. It was surprisingly nice. Though funny how many half finished cups I just scooped up.

6. Inflicting my New Year mix 'tape' on everyone just after midnight. But hey, you were all dancin'.

7. Someone enjoying the obligatory long rest in the toilet at the maximumly busy hour of approx 3am.

8. Untied bow ties after midnight.

9. 3 bottles of Coke consumed to my shame. No-one brought IRN-BRU.

10. Naps in the spare room. Naps in the bedroom. Long naps on the living room sofa.

11. A little love under the mistletoe. You know who you are.

12. Streams of people staggering off into the night without a hope of getting a taxi.

13. Falling asleep on the sofa towards 5am and dearly beloved Ross herding everyone out the door to get home I don't know somehow.

14. Mugs of red wine scattered about the morning after. I left them all and went out.

Party debris

1. One impressively shattered chair

2. One shattered wine glass

3. 36 red feathers of varying shades

4. 40 empty bottles (inc. one lemon vodka and one ouzo)

5. A quantity of cupcakes naked of their tasty m&m toppings

6. Several silver streamers strewn

Lost property

1. One top hat

2. One other kind of hat, maybe the kind that belongs to a puritan (inappropriately)

3. A tiny velvet jacket

4. A black feather boa

5. A kind of piece of stuff that I think may have served as a bustle

6. A Tesco canvas re-usable (good) bag covered with ladybirds

7. An Onken yoghurt pot containing a mysterious brown substance - feel free to come back for it


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