Thursday, October 22, 2009

I've just been on a presentation skills course. Three days of it. As I'm sure is usual with these things, I never knew I had so many bad habits.

Day one and I delivered my preprepared speech ("How to market a Greek Tragedy") apparently at 165 words a minute. One of the tutors told me pleasantly that this was verging on despotic.

Day two and I managed to apparently frighten the lead lady who ran the course in my trial interview. And murmured an encouraging "mhmmm" over 28 times til one of the watchers lost count. Better yet.

Day three and I'm smacking my lips in the rehearsal for The Final Presentation like a maniac. Although this appears to at least slow me down a little bit. Thank the heavens for small lip smacking mercies.

So tonight after a busy bitty (quick) day back in the office, I thought I could and go and see The Dark Things at the Traverse. But Ross wasn't very impressed so I wasn't very tempted.

I could have tried again to watch Confessions of a Justified Sinner which seems to be getting moderately favourable reviews from those that stayed awake. Either that or they're lying.

I could have come home and read a self-improving book.

Instead, I snuck into Cineworld and a screen with a few scattered teenage girls and long-suffering mothers and watched Fame. And crept out afterwards as furtively as a paedophile who's just been to see Peter Pan.

Remember my name.


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