Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Well the highlight of my weekend was seeing Siobhan ‘speak’ with the voice of Brian on Friday night. Curiously not inappropriate and very entertaining. I also very much enjoyed watching Ross pretending to be a paedophile, DG pretending to be happily married, young Steven in a very fetching fez, Iain Kerr pretending to be a young girl and Christopher Barbour pretending to be a woman.

I loved Gordon’s graffiti. Katrina and Tupulos live on. And the miraculously levitating flag at the close of Cloud Nine. A fine well done to all involved. Apparently the adjudicator loved it. Though I was darting off to my lovely Gail’s leaving do so did not loiter to hear his wisdom. Besides, adjudicators aren’t my favourite people at the moment. And it should always be all about me.

Two other cultural highlights. I sat through Eyes Wide Shut at the Filmhouse. Which I believe to be the only Kubrick film I’ve ever seen. A disgrace. Anyway, the plot was absurd, not to say ridiculous. Neither character was sympathetic. But the flesh (collectively) was gorgeous. And the cinematography was equally lovely. I think I might do an extract for the one act next year. Assuming JGH will make it look as beautiful.

And then final auditions for Antigone. Sixteen auditionees. Eight parts. Ulp.


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