Monday, March 30, 2009

Retrospective posting:

Wednesday 25 March 2009

The tech tonight. Drive up to Killin after work. DG, Gordon and I. Chris was going separately in his shiny new Mazda. Andy separately in his Condor van with the table and the filing cabinet. JGH separately in his smart sleek shiny silver whatever it is with the borrowed from St Serfs chairs.

We arrived, stuffed down some starters at the Killin Hotel (more Qype fodder!) and then darted back over the road for the tech. And being in the theatre just makes me smile and smile. It’s just the same as St Serfs. But with a balcony. And apparently higher and deeper but this means nothing much to me (I guess I don’t have to do to the projecting) as the stage is the same size.

We have our fluorescent tube lower here. Aside from this, all looks much the same. JGH and Andy tried in vain to make me understand what they were trying to tell me from a lighting point of view. I failed them. I must somehow learn. The re-recorded scream miraculously worked though I totally missed my cue with it. We are going to bang a real door at the start and finish as the hall thoughtfully has a door that bangs. The run through itself was fluffy but that’s to be expected.

So they’ve benevolently let us leave it all set up. And there it’s sitting, back through on the stage on the other side of the village. We went for a drink (Killin Hotel) afterwards and the man who counted up the number of bad words in our script was nice to our faces. And then DG, GC and I headed cottage bound. I’m sitting just now on my bed on my laptop. Small Carrie Bradshaw. Night.


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