Monday, March 23, 2009

From the surreal to the surreal. I saw The Watchmen on Thursday night. I would struggle to judge it honestly as I managed to fall asleep at the climactic moment but I agree with Mr DG that the acting left a lot to be desired. I don't think I'd even go so far as to give it 3.5 out of 5 as he did. However, it did look beautiful. A cinematographic feast. So maybe I should forgive some very insincere performances. And given the ridiculous far-fetched story, how could I really expect painfully honest acting?

Having said that, Saturday night's show was gloriously surreal and beautifully acted. The poster alone is worth a mention.

I'd forgotten altogether that it was written by Anthony Neilson and so had low to no expectations when I approached the Citizens (almost twice in just over a week. Practically Glaswegian). And indeed, it featured his (signature?) visually tricky upended bed with actors laying vertically atop / along it.

View from the Stalls (who violently disagreed with my cruel take on the Pillowman) violently disliked it - you may read for yourselves here. I quite liked it. The plot - well, you probably could see it coming a mile off. But it was nonetheless poignantly executed, fantastically choreographed, imaginatively staged and to my mind, altogeter charming. But then I very much like Neilson's amazing visual sense and enduring relentlessly miserable outlook on life. And men in black tie always make me a bit feeble around the knees. So. A surreal and unexpectedly satisfying Saturday night.


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