Saturday, June 07, 2008

I am anxious not to convey an impression that I have any kind of obsession with my weight. It has however been preoccupying me since the start of this rehearsal process because of the carrying situation.

So maybe I check it now and again at the gym, just out of curiosity you understand. I am making no concerted effort - or indeed effort of any kind - to lose weight. But somehow the nightly striving for perfection and associated symptoms (patchy sleep, scant appetite, general nervous agitation) seems to have wrought its own rewards.

After a very entertaining Latin Rhythms class this morning (I always avoid the mirror where possible but today, inescapably trapped in front of it, I couldn't avoid the sight of myself wriggling and springing around like a demented pixie), I clocked in at 63.4kg. Which if their conversion chart is right, brings me in at under 10 stone. Which I don't believe I have weighed since my teenage years.

It'll all load back on at 10:05 tonight.


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