Thursday, June 05, 2008

Oh and I still have this ridiculous comedy cold. Though it's not entertaining me quite so much with the brilliant irony of it now.

Tech yesterday and of course us actors didn't get really have to do anything very much. A fact which, after the event, was greeted with some grumpiness. As if actors have never done a tech before. It was delightful because I didn't have to speak much but infuriating because I was too fuzzy headed to remember any very much of my lines that top and tail my scenes. Slow as an oaf. Which irritated me.

Today was the dress. The day began inauspiciously with me hideously stricken with racking coughing fits in a workshop this morning. Conveniently I was running the workshop. Coincidentally the workshop was for a whole crowd of theatre people who essentially spent three hours asking me how they should market their shows. Asking the wrong person, I think. So I took a raincheck on a further client meeting this afternoon and came home for a nap.

Lucky oh so lucky a couple of Nurofen and a faithful Diet Coke saw me through this evening without a single choke or voice loss moment of horror (VLMOH). So I have a little more faith that even if this bastard catarrhy cold insists on lingering tomorrow, a little injection of adrenalin might see me right.

But it's all too eerily reminiscent of playing Joseph (and this amazing technic etc. etc.) aged 14 or thereabouts and hoarse enough to not hit the high notes. Please oh please go, cold.

Anyway, look at that. Another post all about me. Small self-obsessed.


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