Thursday, January 17, 2008

You can tell she's busy at work when she doesn't post for a week. Far too many distractions.

So last Thursday, we put it all together minus honeymoon Alex. And it looked pretty respectable.

Sunday saw the Great Return. Alex glowing back from Bhutan. Blocked her, ran through it all with the girls. Strength in numbers and they petitioned for extra chairs on the stage, damn them.

I can never quite bring myself to think of the practicalities of my blocking in terms of actual human physical movement. And then feel thwarted when people aren't quite sufficiently flexible to do as I wish.

So ugly extra chairs will clutter up the stage now. Tonight will see the first ugly cluttered rehearsal with all of my cast and my 'chorus' who haven't had a rehearsal for a week now so will have forgotten everything. Wish them / us luck.


Blogger Golfer said...

More little blocks would be less cluttersome than chairs.

11:21 am  

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