Monday, January 07, 2008

A weekend of cultural opposites. Saturday afternoon saw me at Scottish Ballet's Sleeping Beauty. I missed many of the subtleties picked out in the production by the Guardian's reviewer but it was nevertheless better than I thought it would be. Some pretty ropey dancing from the choris amply redeemed by the charming Beauty herself.

Saturday evening saw me at the local multiplex watching Will Smith in I Am Legend. I thought this was pretty rubbish but having spoken to various people in the interim, I suspect that I am judging it rather too harshly. It was good enough at what it did though I suspect Zinnie Harris would accuse the plot of being rather lazy. I liked the dog best.

And Sunday, following the rehearsal (and the stupefied faces of some of the cast as I doled out stage directions), I caught Sin City on DVD. And indeed it does feature strong, sustained violence but rather beautifully done. I would like to speculate that the last but one scene was directed by Quentin Tarantino. IMDB will not tell me the answer. Do let me know if you are aware. Anyway, I loved it. A brilliant opening scene that made me wonder if all my 4:48 cast can appear in black and white with a little flash of red on the lead character's dress. A fine finish to the weekend.


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