Thursday, January 10, 2008

Us shabby amateurs can be damned efficient when we set our minds to it, it seems to me.

I had another rehearsal on Monday night, this one blocking the girls and adding them into the alreday blocked chorus section. Helps that my girls are super-efficient and most of their moves are super-repetitive but nonetheless, they swiftly grasped what was asked, we had a start-to-finish run through and it was looking good.

I wonder if it almost makes some kind of sense together. But let's not speak too soon.

Then Tuesday and a couple of conversations later and I'd talked myself out of having a stage manager but acquired the lovely Caroline as a prompt. And it feels like finally - having been fretting about my disorganisation - we're making some headway.

Now of course, I am not rehearsing again til Sunday. When Alex shall return from her honeymoon, dewy-eyed and aghast perhaps at all the weirdness. Everyone else in the cast shall have forgotten where they were meant to be and when. And it will all disintegrate. Before they've even got anywhere near casting down their scripts. Fingers crossed.


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