Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A little sliver of culture at the weekend there. Not that I'm getting paranoid.

I went to see the Warhol exhibition at the National Galleries on Saturday. Which I found mildly disappointing although I love his pop arty stuff. But then I went with a five year old in tow and know for sure that I missed at least one room and quite possibly more. Miriam wasn't deeply impressed by all his sketches so I had little time to study these. And then she discovered the room with the helium filled silver pillows and that was it really for the rest of the hour that we were there. Mind you, I'd say the entrance fee was almost worth it for the silvery helium alone. A magic example of how orn'ery people can be captivated by pretty ordinary things if they're allowed to play. Easy for me to say though as I got in for free.

And then "Atonement" on Sunday evening which was slightly overblown I thought. Of course the book was better. But Mr McEvoy was cute and the stunning beach scene more than made up for any other inadequacies.

The theatre season starts up again very soon. I can be more cultural then... And I am making ineffectual calls to madame director now and again in the name of GMing. Helpful days.


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