Thursday, September 06, 2007

The very final event of the Festival for me was called Optical Identity. A collaboration between Theatre Cryptic and the T'ang Quartet. A little avant garde perhaps for my liking but I thought it showed open-minded willingness to experience new things.

I anticipated needing to take a snoozing rest during the performance, not being an enormous fan of contemporary music though I hoped that a scintillating light display would keep me awake. So I took a precautionary second coffee of the day in the theatre bar before we took our places in the Grand Circle.

But even the precautionary second coffee sadly wasn't enough to keep me alert. I made it through the first few pieces (extracts from which can be viewed here) but the heat and the dark cosy warmth overtook me before very long. Ross sat, sulking hands under his chin throughout, looking distinctly unimpressed. And apparently it might have been more impressive if they hadn't experienced various technical hitches which prevented some of the optical effects being displayed in their full glory. But even the promise of this wasn't enough to redeem it for him.

I feel it's unfair of me to pass comment as I saw so little of it.

But it was not one of my festival highlights. Let us put it that way.

Still, the night was redeemed by a 3am finish to a night of drinking and dancing in my beloved Spiegel. A suitably wriggling end to my festival.


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