Friday, January 05, 2018

One of my friends lent me a book to aid and abet my feminist quest. She read at uni as part of a degree in English literature. It's called Fire with fire and it's by a smart lady called Naomi Wolf. 

I've received other book recommendations and I'm trying to work through them all. (Jilly Cooper, I assure you, is a temporary aberration.) I continue touched and impressed at the degree to which people care and want to help.

This Fire book is particularly lovely as Thea used it at some subsequent point to press flowers. (She's farcically creative. The sort of creative that puts us humble wannabe playwrights to shame. I just put words on a page. She finds and makes beautiful things.) So page 120 and 121, nominally "only" talking about 2D thinking, also contain a little fragment of leaf from some once thriving plant. 

The chapter title, wonderfully ironically, is "Oxygen deprivation leads to 2-D thinking". So there's something especially nice about the attempt to capture and keep one of the world's best oxygen yielders in the pages of this book.


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