Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Sadler's Wells lured me in. A Sadler's Wells Project, it says. What self-respecting dance fan could resist that promise of calibre, conveniently transported to an Edinburgh stage?

And have I proved susceptible before and subsequently vowed not to be susceptible again? I fear perhaps I have.

Anyway, Breakin' Convention (the missing g is very important for street cred) arrived at the Festival Theatre on Friday. And moderately impressed our old cynical eyes. (Between us, my party - I shall not tell you how many we were - were at least one hundred years older than the average audience member.)

There were some completely stunning acts who alone more or less justified the ticket price. The Soweto Skeleton Movers (almost indecently mobile). The Tentacle Tribe from Montreal (well meaning but a bit too try hard for me). Just Dance from South Korea (just exactly what you'd hope to see - astonishing).

But these guys were interspersed with local acts for entirely sensible commercial reasons. The Tentacle Tribe may have a dedicated following in Edinburgh but judging from the audience's reaction, Mini Jackers sold a good deal more tickets. And in lots of ways, were more fun to watch than the professionals as it meant more and the audience loved them more.

Then there was Shelltoe Mel who is apparently one of the founding mothers of hiphop. Perhaps the art-infused (live painter on stage alongside her) routine that she presented didn't quite do her justice. This one is a bit more lively. Certainly, this audience felt perplexed.


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