Wednesday, February 22, 2017

My sister is visiting at the moment. She clearly, in her heart, thinks I'm a slattern. Possibly because I am. So she was hoovering yesterday. 

I got back from work and she'd unearthed all sorts from under the sofa. And she said disapprovingly: "there's a bag of something - it looks like white powder - down the back of the cupboard but I can't reach it."

For a moment, I was puzzled. I'm dabbling with airbnb. Had one of the guests left some supplies? Was I being used as an unwitting (static) mule?

Then I remembered.  

Ban ban ca-Caliban. 
Has a new master. 
Get a new man. 

His "cocaine".

The mystery is solved.

And I've left it down the back of the cupboard for old time's sake.


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