Saturday, October 15, 2016

A lovely lovely film last night in the Spanish Film Festival. I resolve every year to attend this and refresh my frail knowledge of the language and this year, thanks to determination on the part of my erstwhile Spanish teacher, I achieved one single film.

Mr Kaplan (which appears to be the original title) is set in, I think, Uruguay. The  main man is in his senior years having fled to this land from Europe and the Nazis at a very young age. And he suddenly gets word that a one-time Nazi, arrived in South America many years before in a secret fleeing to safety boat, is running a ramshackle bar down on the beach. So he hatches a marvellous plan to kidnap the aforementioned Nazi and take him to Israel to face a trial.

Farfetched? Perhaps. But as a study of the stories we concoct to try and justify our fleeting existence on this pretty small planet, it's a gem.

Beautifully acted, beautifully directed, it's a beautifully observed insight into how we bumble along with those we've chosen or inherited to be closest to us.

I think it's on once more in the Spanish Film Festival in Edinburgh. THIS AFTERNOON! At the Filmhouse. So go. Be quick. It'll win your heart on this wet and mizzly afternoon.


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