Tuesday, October 21, 2014

I took a week off. (From rehearsals, I mean.) And felt enormously guilty about it. Like abandoning a battle ship just as pirates are about to pounce.

Luckily, my excellent Assistant Director did an excellent job of nagging the cast into submission in my absence. Fixed all sorts of niggly bits. Noticed all sorts of things I hadn't. Gave them all a row about not knowing the tunes for the songs.

And spared me the first two limped through rehearsals when the cast had first shed the script. These rehearsals always fill me to the brim with anxiety. So while I worried whilst I was away, it was a muted worry with nothing of the mosquito bite piquancy of sitting through it in person.

Thanks, Jenni.

Sunday saw a full run through that was very lumpy in places but extremely respectable in others.

I have high hopes.


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