Monday, September 22, 2014

So far, so good.

I have a black actor. (Thanks, Paul. And Shuwanna of EUACS, Brian and Siobhan.)

I have a replacement Lars as my original Lars was very disappointingly summoned to commit to the cause of wage slavery.

I have a set design, I gather. 

Gillian is working on props.

I appear to have volunteers to help with lighting almost pouring out of my ears.

I have some flyer design options (Emma, you're wonderful).

I have a programme in progress. (Again, thanks BS.)

I have corralled the cast into Exercises. Some. Not plenty. Marriage guidance counselling being my favourite to date. (To which Mette and Michael disconcertingly took like ducks to the proverbial water.)

I even have the play blocked (for some of the cast. Those who have managed for this reason or that to attend rehearsals. For those barred by selfish holidays or sun and shopping or whatever, not so neatly done. But we'll get there.)

So you might say I'm pretty much on track for where I ought to be given that we're a week away from the end of September.

Right now, I remain to be convinced. But I'm a pessimist at heart.


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