Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The search for a black actor goes on. And the endeavour has now sucked in others:
  • I've posted a casting call in a Facebook group that deals in opportunities on stage and screen for people in Edinburgh
  • Siobhan chatted up a prospect at Summerhall last Thursday
  • I've contacted a rather brilliant lady called Danielle Farrow, a professional with an extensive mailing list in the local area. She has very kindly circulated our request to her contacts
  • I responded to various emails from B S Neill with clever and ingenious suggestions about how we might find someone
  • I contacted the Edinburgh University Afro-Caribbean Society again who kindly said they'd let us put flyers on their stand at a Cultural Fair in Fresher's Week the weekend just gone
  • I created a rudimentary little flyer
  • Siobhan very kindly delivered these aforementioned flyers to the aforementioned cultural fair on Saturday
  • Siobhan approached another man at the Traverse on Saturday night. (He sweetly said thanks but not - but if you don't ask, you don't get)
  • I dredged from my memory a man I thought might suit and got in touch with a mutual friend to see if she thought he'd be interested. Turns out he's not black 
  • And then Thom Dibdin to the rescue, thanks to a smart suggestion from BS and Siobhan. And he has very kindly posted this 
Phil maintains that all of this effort would make for a great play script. But I'll try and cast this one first.


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