Tuesday, December 17, 2013

White Christmas. The musical version currently showing at the Festival Theatre in Edinburgh.

Is a silly story. Two dear friends, bonded in times of (second world) war, forging a career in opportunistic post-war days as (musical) performers. One is charming and has women circling as a matter of course. One is cynical and socially uneasy.

They hear of two sisters producing a new show locally. Predator decides they should go as Cynical might find love with one of the sisters.

They go. And what do you know? They BOTH find love with a sister each. Two for the price of one. 

Except Cynical instantly hates Ginger Haired Sister where Predator instantly loves Blonde Haired Sister. So Predator and BHS have to lure Cynical on a rogue train to Vermont, surprisingly struck with No Snow this Christmas, where they happen upon their aged General who's running a guest house into rack and ruin through good intentions and wishful thinking. 

They decide to put on a Christmas show in the barn to come to the rescue of ageing wishful General. And in the process, despite a variety of terrible Mills and Boon worthy hiccups, Predator and GHS realise they are In Love after all. 

So far, so unremarkable. But this is served up with such a deal of spangles and costumes and unapologetic grinning and rousing musical tappy numbers from the tireless if spindly cast that you'd be a hard hearted person to remain unmoved. 

Particularly if you have the absolute pleasure of sitting through it next to an 11 year old who is fair bursting with the excitement of impending actual Christmas. And loves the theatre and a spangle and a tap shoe to boot. She sat enthralled, eyes wide as wide things, with an expression of absolute delight that was almost enough to make you think that Christmas actually mattered a lot.

So between that, a sheepish for most but enthusiastically heartfelt for us (from even the rough voiced B S) collective rendition of WC and Cari's expression when The Remarkable Thing happened at the end - it was a White Christmas worth dreaming of.


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