Monday, December 09, 2013

I was in some sort of employment with a school. Or maybe I was just enthusiastically helping them out. 

I'd just finished directing one show. Despite all the small inconveniences thrown at me during the rehearsal process, including a last minute musical let down which had been rescued at the eleven and a halfth hour by an obliging teacher with a talent, the show had been a great success. Pupils full of enthusiasm, parents saying nice things, teachers wishing the next one would come along soon to maintain pupil morale.

Another show was afoot. Some sort of modern day nativity. It promised to be wonderful. But - catastrophe - it had a musical requirement and the obliging rescuing teacher with a talent had just announced that she was 11 weeks pregnant and wouldn't be able to help this time as the show would overlap with the (huge rehearsal period!) birth.

I woke in a panic.


Blogger Dan Sutton said...

The Captain's nativity play might need a directrix. He is playing Joseph, a carpenter. Madam.

5:12 pm  

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