Friday, November 15, 2013

Friday night.

I've been frantically trying to write a brief but coherent and compelling plot synopsis for the programme. Along with 150 punchy, incisive and insightful words to explain just why JC is the play for me.

DG has spent the night tinkering with the show programme, thanks to slovenly people like me who haven't given him what he needs to finish the job properly sooner.

Gordon has spent the evening stuffing old Caesar's body, judging from instagram.

And he travels to new Caesar's house tomorrow to measure his head for the final element of the mix n' match statua.

New Caesar must have spent the week's evenings when he wasn't at work tethered to his script as he was word perfect last night.

Costume Chloe has spent the last week manacled to her sewing machine.

And the band have been practising and practising and last night, sounded fabulous.

Two weeks today, we'll have two shows left.


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