Sunday, April 07, 2013

Move in day.

I love this day.

All the days and weeks of planning and scheming and sourcing obscure objects and painting oddly shaped bits of wood and finding Spitfire sound effects suddenly come together in a (hopefully) happy communion of artistic excellence. And pizza.

9am at Home Street. Now it was Ross' birthday celebration last night, not mine, but this didn't deter me from drinking deeply in celebration. And how I rued the day this morning.

(Though blessed by my cunning scheme and the ongoing kindess of BSNeill, I got my rice krispies in before we set off and he obligingly delivered us to the destination a few whole minutes early.)

There's Ross, looking fresh and well. There's Emma, driving a whole van and looking pretty as a princess. There's cmfwood looking like she's come straight from the night before, stopping only to smudge her overly mascara-d eyes and change into paint-streaked clothes. But I managed to manoeuvre myself to move only the lightest of objects. And so it went also at BP for the collection of costumes and props. I busied myself carrying light tin jugs around Adam House for a bit. Then slunk off for a sleep.

Panda-eyes make-up-removed some few hours later, I haul my shameful body back to AH just in time to make blood with Emma (great recipe, DG) and go for pizza, more red food colouring and cheap apple juice - that faithful familiar errand again - with the lovely Rhiannon.

And then the tech. Lie in wait, two minutes on stage. I'm waiting for the trees to be delivered tonight so I'm on foyer duty and have cracked through various essential tasks up here, interrupted only by a re-run of the start of the play during which I ruined my three lines in a whole new way. And now I'm back upstairs on tree watch again and quite needing to go to the toilet but the trees might arrive at any moment...

The set looks fabulous. A glorious fitting tribute to Ross' tireless work with the watering can, Rhiannon's amazing nothing is too much bother props sourcing, the cast's sporadic ingenuity (thanks, Brian not Neill but Thomson for the gnome) and Emma's eBay habit. And the spoils of our pizza trip.

You should come and see it if only for the set. And Alan's amazing tattoos. Though I've heard the acting's pretty respectable too, putting my three mangled lines to one side.

We open on Wednesday and run till Saturday.

The Scottish premiere of Jez Butterworth's Jerusalem.

Let us do it justice.


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