Thursday, November 22, 2012

Ahhhhhh the first night.

I was FOHing.

Which really meant, as soon as the audience were safely placed, loitering with intent and keeping an eye on people's bags.

But because he's smartly doing the show in the round, although I was at the theatre front door, I had a constant stream of excitable actors (adorable Princes!) dashing past en route to or on return from the stage.

I love the sparkle in the eye of a person 'on' (en route to) stage.

The little extra excitable flicker to the fingertips because They're On Show and The Audience Are Watching Them and They're Telling A Story.

It's a very remarkable thing.

They're all beautifully costumed which helps. Lots of 1930s hair and some very fine hats in evidence last night.

Of course I was left feeling faintly jealous.

So you should come see. (St Brides, Orwell Terrace, 7:30pm til Saturday) I gather they did a cracking show.

I toast them for three more nights of winters of discontent.


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