Sunday, August 07, 2011

I've been utterly theatrically spoilt this weekend.

I took Friday afternoon off and saw a fabulous piece of theatre. Couldn't get in to something that apparently isn't so good which was hardly heartbreaking. And topped off the day with something so appallingly shockingly bad that it still makes me cringe inwardly. At least no-one saw me there.

(At least I could say I was only reviewing if they did.)

Saturday was a complete treat. Two fabulous Traverse shows before and after lunch. A brilliantly fun show at the Pleasance after afternoon tea. And then the infamous Dance Marathon. I'll write about this (along with Knives in Hens) when I have time one day.

Today, I filed (I believe they say) my reviews for yesterday's three four star shows.

I attended a Zumba class taught by a teacher who didn't have a background in dance and drama (a great relief).

I attended a quasi-dress rehearsal for A & C which wasn't at all bad, given that the poor bastards had the cast of the House of Yes breathing down their necks.

("What was that popping sound in the middle of my really dramatic speech, Mme Director?" "Oh, sorry, lead actor Antony, it was just me really incompetently trying to control my laptop (from which I was running the sound) and failing dismally.")

A quick carbohydrate snack ('tisn't true that man cannot live on bread alone. He can live perfectly well on bread as long as it's interspersed with the odd pastry snack) and a dash along the road to rehearsal swap and see Arkle's House of Yes.

Now this is a lovely show. Just my cup of tea. Terribly dark. Replete with misery but in tiny slithery ways. The worst, most insidious kind.

A cracking cast. Lorraine McCann, Mark Andersen, Stuart someoneorother (sorry), Wendy Mathison and an extraordinarily good 'new' (to me) girl called Caroline. It's be hard to go wrong with this combination of people and script.

But it's also beautifully directed. A very classy set. Delicate use of music. A very finely formed thing all round.

It's on at precisely the same time as we are. Give or take a few minutes. So if you've only got one free night that week, make sure it's ours. If you've got two, you could do a whole lot worse than this.

You could go and see That Thing I saw on Friday night for example. Now that would be a mistake.


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