Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Richard (and Russell, for that matter), for your last minute retrieval of a potentially disappointing soundtrack situation, I thank you.

Helen, for your above and beyond the cause x6 A1 posters, I thank you.

Antony and Cleo, for your devotion to the cause above and beyond the requirements of the specified schedule, I thank you.

(Rehearsal of their portions tonight to the soundtrack of the thock thock of tennis balls on the court outside.)

(And what a beautiful relief to have a rehearsal contingent of two rather than the ten plus cat herding I'm more wearily used to.)

And to the all of you (Eros, I need your biog) that will conspire to contribute a full and complete cast for the very first time at Thursday's rehearsal, I thank you more.

Mme Director is much obliged.


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