Monday, June 13, 2011

This play - our little festival show - is proving to be a fabulously interesting script. Even in a version that takes into account one third and a bit of its original glory.

I suppose it's simply that the story is a proper story.

Love story.

History story.

Story of what happens when you try and do the right thing.

Story of what happens when duty and honour get in the way.

Story of what happens when friends turn out to be Bad Let-er Down-ers.

And who, exactly, is the tragic hero?

(How can I say without giving too much away?)

Is Antony heroic or vain?

And is Cleopatra romantic, heroic or vain?

John Kelly who's offering up his time again as the person that's paid proper attention to the story and actually understands what the words mean, sent me a fabulous email today on the back of a conversation at yesterday's rehearsal, reflecting on the tragic flaws of our two leads.

If they did have tragic flaws.

Or were they just unlucky (very unlucky) in love?

I love that it's generating this amount of debate two weeks in.

It's going to be a fun couple of months.


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