Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I finished blocking A&C 47 kilometres outside of Gauntánamo.

That's not strictly true as I'd foolishly forgotten the final page of the script. But I finished blocking the last of the pages that I had, at any rate.

Charmian declaimed "O, break! O, break!" in the melodramatic way of the Shakespereans and I was done.

So where I had a bit of a moment, staring out of the window, eyes possibly starting to brim with a little sense of the tragic when poor Antony's knife finally hit the spot as our trusty coach drove and drove 1086 kilometres across the world's seventeenth largest island, Cleopatra's almost passing met only with a (disrespectful) punch the air I'm done.

Poor Cleo.

There'll be plenty time to mourn you in the coming months.


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