Friday, April 22, 2011

I saw a stupendous play last night. The best thing I've seen for quite a long while.

Unfortunately, I'm simmering with too much irritation to write about it right now.

Fuelled by a train journey replete with restless children and rousingly loud musical toys.

(Remember. Never travel on a bank holiday. Unless you have small children of your own in which case it's a perfect opportunity to blend into the riotous cacophony.)

I still don't have a cast.

I must have - if I sit and think calmly about it - at least two thirds of a cast.

Thank you in boundless lurches of enthusiasm to those that have so far said yes.

To those that have not found a way to respond to me yet, can I just suggest to you that your hesitation means that I cannot actually tell the rest of the auditionees whether or not they might be blessed with inclusion in this happy blessed band of cast?

And then maybe think about giving me a call?

Quite soon please.

Extreme irritation doesn't suit me.


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