Monday, April 12, 2010

Last night, An Education. Which is a frothy little delight of a film.

Carey Mulligan is as gorgeous as she was supposed to be. As gauche, wide-eyed but delicious as maybe Barber was or wasn't but it doesn't matter as it makes for a lovely story. Alfred Molina is particularly brusquely endearing as the oafish dad who wants to believe that his daughter's about to be taken off his hands. And Peter Sarsgaard. Well I feel vaguely creepy passing any kind of comment on him but I expect. No wait. I would have been seduced by him too. So it's probably just as well as I didn't go to a posh girls school somewhere in London.

I don't think it makes any wider points about life and love than that we all want to believe something wonderful is round the corner. So when it presents itself, maybe we don't ask as many questions as we should.

I'm very jealous of Lynn Barber. As far from being ruined, I suspect it was the making of her.


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