Tuesday, March 23, 2010

It amazes me, when I'm not doing a show, that I ever find time to do a show.

We have a pre-emptive / preparatory / optimistic (however you might call it when we don't actually know if the show is going ahead) production meeting tonight. And while useful and important, not to say vital and valuable, it feels like a bit of a hassle in the middle of you know, dull stuff like doing my job. And movies to see and people to see and so on and so forth.

I suppose my state isn't helped by the fact that my job calls for evening work now and again (and don't my lovely local Indian takeaway chefs know it) so maybe that eats up more of my spare time than might otherwise be so.

But nonetheless, it seems hard to imagine, idle and lethargic after a day in t'office, that the necessary energy can be mustered to drag out to chilly rehearsal rooms with scratchy carpets to shout and parade about and tell other people what to do.

I suppose I love it really. Of course I love it really. But what a miracle and a sign of the most tremendous commitment from everyone (most everyone) involved that these things ever get off the ground.


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