Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I was a bad neighbour tonight.

I have known for a few days that tonight was the appointed night for a vital neighbours meeting about Stair Security. But selfish spiteful uncommunity-spirited here valued her Body Balance over her communal safety. So I shamefully, as silent and secretive as a child stealing a biscuit from the barrel between mealtimes, snuck up the stairs to my flat on my return from work ten minutes afore seven, whisked into my "casual" clothes and snuck back out again past the dreaded door containing the Caring Sharing Giving meeting convening in - by then - only 3 minutes.

Luckily, I wasn't spotted.

Clearly I am not a Good Samaritan. I am the sort that would rush by a little old lady who'd fallen down in the centre of the road as the rubbish removal truck approached her because I was worried I might miss the first five minutes of Glee. I felt ashamed of myself. But an hour later, I felt stretched and toned. So this squished down my shame a little bit.

And the Lords were smiling down on me as I passed my more community spirited neighbour as I stepped along to the supermarket to gather ill-deserved provisions and was able to catch up on proceedings, take note of the Security Providing bill and offer wretchedly to gather money to get the lawn mowed.

O guilt. It's the most wonderful motivator.


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