Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Body balance as it's Wednesday. And most people have more or less come to terms with the routine by now as it's about to change into the next one. So we were all slavishly following Silvia as she bent and flexed. But there was one new girl, a sweet looking thing called Dee. She positioned herself (stupidly) behind me in the studio.

There's one particular move when you tuck one leg under you, stretch the other out behind you, twist yourself round so the opposite elbow to leg is propped on the floor afore your knee and then balance the other arm atop the first. The first time I tried to do it, my arm rolled away underneath me and I rolled to the ground like a woodlouse whose shell was too heavy for its feeble body. But I've kind of got the hang of it now.

But poor Dee had not. Prop up the arm, balance the other arm - and over she went. I tried hard to hide my mouth behind my arm so she didn't see me snickering meanly to myself. I tried to make it look as if the rest of my face was composed into a patient and gentle expression.

Onto the other side and I was thinking with pleasure about how I could blog about this incident (such a small tiny life), snortling to myself as I ran through what I might say, not quite concentrating on what my limbs were doing - and over I roll.

Deserving retribution. The best kind.


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