Sunday, September 28, 2008

Went to see a play called Cherry Blossom on Friday night at the Traverse. It was written by Catherine Grosvenor, a local girl. We almost did her first (and only other) play One Day All This Will Come To Nothing in the Festival a couple of years back but it fell through.

This play explored the problems faced by immigrants to this country, the Polish in this case. And was fairly interesting I thought but half in Polish which rather impeded my understanding of the plot to the point where by the time we got to the end of the play, I was convinced that a character who was actually perfectly lively, was in fact dead. And who knows quite why it was called Cherry Blossom but perhaps this was also covered by the Polish portion of text.

It was one of these modern plays where each actor ends up playing each character. Apparently the script - according to the faithful always script buyer - was all in English so this was clearly another trying to be clever gesture - though to be fair to them, it's next transferring to Poland so it wasn't a totally random choice of tongue.

Anyway, Ross hated it. I was a bit more ambivalent. It had a pretty set. But it was my first time back at the theatre since the theatrical overload of August (as I missed out on last weekend's behind my back trip to the Scottish play) so it felt like an honoured occasion nonetheless.


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