Thursday, September 25, 2008

I stepped along to the SCDA library on Tuesday evening, kind of half on the hunt for a one act play script and half not. Brian has offered an act of Cloud Nine as a possible entry for the one act so I hardly need to do something but the devil in me wondered whether I might anyway.

I arrived to "ah, Claire! Looking for another strange play for the one act?" from the faithful librarian. And indeed it turned out that two of the leading light directors from the local 'scene' had already been in to the library that day on the hunt for one act scripts. The third had been on the phone, interestingly seeking 'Private View' by Vaclev Havel plus its companion piece. The former was my directorial debut in the one acts however many years ago.

And then the third of the directors turned up. The same that was so charitable in our moment of victory at the Edinburgh round earlier this year. "Ah Claire, now you know you're not allowed to do anything controversial this year?"

The competition is on...


Blogger Golfer said...

Are you going to rehearse it in Australia?

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