Friday, September 26, 2008

Reading reading wannabe one acts. I read a play called Modern Dance for Beginners because I liked the title but it was the usual story of mid-thirties people shagging and whaddya know, they're all apparently nothing to do with each other but turns out they're all either in love with or shagging each other. Although I was briefly tempted as in one scene, Russell spends the entire time literally coupled with Frances. I thought this might get the busy tongues wagging in the SCDA but that's hardly a reason in itself.

I also read I was a beautiful day by I think Iain Macleod. Great title. About (ex) Army soldiers which seems to be my current fixation. But called for someone from the islands (of Scotland) and my lack of skill with accents I think rules this out as I couldn't identify an accent from the islands if it snuck up behind me and hit me round the head. And actually the fact that he was in the Army was kind of incidental. I think I'm just after the uniforms...

DG has suggested a couple of options which I shall investigate. As did Ross. So the search goes on.


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