Friday, August 29, 2008

For a few fleeting moments last night, I was one of the beautiful people, rubbing shoulders with Tracy Emin and a collection of the most startingly coolly attractive people I have seen all together in the same place for a long long time (oh, except obviously for at one of our monthly theatre group meetings...).

Art Late was the closing fling of the Edinburgh Art Festival which I admit I've paid no attention to with the fierse theatrical competition on offer. Various of the galleries threw their doors open from 6 - 9pm last night so the beautiful could go decorate their floor space.

We made it round 3 galleries - Stills (an extraordinary giant bookcase where visitors are invited to 'interact' with the books - which surely means read them), the Collective (a lovely almost pop art style exhibition themed around what an alien visiting our society might make of it) and the newest addition to Edinburgh's gallery collection, the Ingleby.

Now this is certainly a place worth a visit. Aside from the fact that Tracy was propping up the wall, they had some work from David Austen of whom I had never heard because I'm not cool enough but now hanker for some of his prints. And also from Kay Rosen which was quite fun.

Now of course I want to leave my job and become an art student...


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