Friday, August 22, 2008

I saw an amazing show on Tuesday. Mortal Engine at the Playhouse as part of the EIF. Take (if you are interested) a look at the video clips on the website. They totally don't do it justice.

It was a dance show. Though really it was a light show with a bit of dance thrown in to justify its existence. But it was the most amazing lighting I have ever seen. More amazing than a pop concert which is where you usually see your best lighting. They must have flung serious money at it.

They did this amazing thing where they somehow fit the light exactly to the dancer's body so the dancer would be lying around or standing or whatever and perfectly silhouetted with light, to the shape of hands and feet even. It was remarkable. I spent most of the show puzzling how they did it. (Pre-recorded and projectors maybe??) I need to read into it.

The dancing was pretty cool too. Some nice tableaus. But the hero was the production really. It's finished now so you won't be able to judge for yourselves. But for spectacle, it rivalled last year's Fuerzabruta and I hadn't seen anything to rival this until Tuesday so that is another box ticked.

They at last printed by Shakespod review. (Great headline - not mine.) I'm pleased as it was a cracking show and I fear they won't get the audiences it deserves. Not that this will make much difference but it's something. And I went to see it purely on the strength of my pity for a man who thrust a flyer into my hand on the Royal Mile. Just goes to show flyering does pay...


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