Wednesday, July 09, 2008

I saw a really lovely film at the Filmhouse last night, La Antena. It's an Argentinian film, made in Spanish, but largely silent so the language is pretty immaterial.

It's an extraordinary thing. Like a more optimistic version of Tim Burton meeting a silent 1940s movie and having a strange slightly surreal but adorable love child.

Most surreal of all, it's directed by a guy who started out directing Shakira videos. It's always encouraging to see that these people have better taste than you'd initially imagine.

It's about a city whose inhabitants have lost their voices. It also manages to be a cunning allegory for Nazi Germany.

I probably shouldn't say much more than that for fear of ruining the pleasure of it. But go see it if you can. It's a charming unique thing that makes you want to be clever and artistic yourself. Surely always a good thing.


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