Thursday, July 03, 2008

I realise increasingly what a control freak I am.

I'm trying to sort myself out with some reviewing work during the Festival. I had mooted the idea with the guy that runs Fringe Report. I've had some sporadic contact with him over the past few years, largely pathetically trying to promote one show or another of mine to a largely South of England so never going to come and see it audience. And he was quite keen on the idea.

But then of course little miss greedy for readership got too big for her boots and thought hey, how about she reviews for the Evening News? In her greedy head, next best thing to being Joyce Macmillan at the Scotsman. Small Thom Dibdin in waiting.

So I've been emailing Arts Editor at the Evening News at inappropriate times of the day and night to harrass him into considering me. Eventually he sent me an email saying yes, he'd love to have me but they couldn't pay me. As all I'm after is some free tickets to save me spending too much money, this was an agreeable arrangement.

But now as the festival draws near and I compile my list of things to see, I'm getting increasingly impatient with his lacksadaisical approach. I've booked my Traverse tickets (almost) as I dont' suppose I'll be allowed anywhere near a real theatre and will be stuck with rubbishy amateur stuff. But I now need to arrange the list of shows featuring people I know. And I've got a couple of EIF things booked thanks to Ross. And a couple more I'd like to book. And before I know it, my time is all full up.

I emailed him earlier this week saying it would be good to know what / when I might be needed. No reply. To add insult to injury, I get an email from fringe report man saying reviewers need to do ten things and can they look down this list and tell him what they can do.

What I suspect will happen is I will patiently wait and wait. Then be able to do nothing that the Eve News try and send me to as I'm already busy. And then be way too late to do anything for fringe report. Dreamy times.

I need to calm down and stop tormenting myself over it though. All this pointless anxiety about something that really doesn't matter simply isn't healthy.


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