Tuesday, June 17, 2008

What I also keep forgetting to say is that I have a new love. The Pillowman by Martin McDonagh. Brian sent me a copy of this fine 2003 script for my birthday and I'm ashamed to say that my interest was first piqued by the fact that David Tennant featured in the original National Theatre production. Then I noticed that this was the man wot wrote the Beauty Queen of the Unpronounceable Place which I've always thought I might like to do (remarkable really, given that I haven't ever actually bothered to read it). So finally, Choderlos de Laclos out of the way, I took it away with me last week to accompany me through several sittings in Wagamama and a few tube journeys. I think the clammy claustrophobia of the tube did much to enhance the claustrophobia of the piece as it happened. And anyway, I love it. So thank you, Mr Neill. Another fine choice.

The plot is incredible. Very twisty turny. I regaled long-suffering family members with two thirds of the plot at the weekend and even my most loyal supporters lost interest and artfully changed the subject before I could reach the climax of the tale. So it perhaps needs to be seen to be appreciated.

There's a very nice write up of it here. So I shan't try and recreate the experience for you. But suffice to say that I agree more with the New York critic than with Michael Billington who seems rather unjustly harsh. Though I see he got some awards for it so I feel consoled on his behalf.

It poses certain problems for those that wish to stage it. Not least of which is the recreation of the crucifixion of a relatively young girl. (Still, Miriam was cheated out of a stage appearance in CCC so maybe now is her time...) But I do wonder whether the first act might stand sufficiently alone to make a one-act. Hmmmm.


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