Sunday, September 22, 2019

Deary me. Poor blog. I'm sorely neglecting you.

First, I was rushing to get a script draft finished in time for submissions to EGTG for our 2020 programme selection. Then I was rushing about at work - and resting when not at work. Then normal life starts up again.

London last weekend and I saw some excellent theatre. Anna Bella Eema which I liked more than Michael Billington did. (Check out the incredible last line of his review. I can't even pretend to understand what he means.) I also loved that little theatre, The Arcola. Wish we had one in Portobello. And like Mr Billington in this case, I loved Appropriate. 

I saw this on Wednesday which looked stunning and was an important and excellent and pertinent topic choice but didn't quite live up to its promise. (Hah - in my humble opinion.)

And then yesterday saw me take to a different sort of stage and run a baby climate conversation in Portobello which was fascinating and terrifying in equal measure. So that's been occupying my vacant headspace.

I'll hop back soon.


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