Thursday, August 01, 2019

Poor blog. One post a month isn't much to write home about.

My excuse is a brief holiday, a frantic attempt to write a script for next year's performing if the committee will have it, and now it'll only get worse as the Fringe begun.

I'm reviewing many many many shows in the next few days (gulp) but didn't get this pick on my review list. So I wasted precious editing time by darting along to see it last night for slightly cheaper than it'll be in real Fringe life as it's preview time. 

Here's a sneak peak. But it was gorgeous. Funny. Feisty. Acrobatic. Inventive. And it made me cry which, as you'll know by now, is really my main criteria for show enjoyment.

Raven. Assembly Roxy. 5:50pm until approx 24 (or 25?) August. Go see. 


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