Friday, May 10, 2019

In amongst what appears to be an endless to do list, Scottish Ballet's Spring! was totally enchanting. We were sat right up front, at the conductor's shoulder, so had a superb view of the orchestra during the extremely tasteful (to my ignorant mind) Mozart medley. And then pole position seats for the quirky flirty lovely Scott Joplin. A proper treat.

I've also squished in a wonderfully dark TV show called Hinterland. It's a gloomy detective show set in a tiny village in Wales. And if I say it's proper Scandi Noir stuff, that's intended as a great compliment. I watched the first series with relish, as I'd understood it to consist of only four episodes ever.  And for anyone who's ever tried to stagger through seven series' of something, this is an undoubted bonus. Looking it up now, I discover there's more. I might have to succumb.


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