Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Blowing everything I've seen so far out of the water for sheer audacious nuts-ness and brilliance is Seagulls. I loved this show so much, I wished it was mine. The venue is far and away the hero but clearly that was entirely down to the brilliant imagination of whomsoever is behind it. I would urge you to rush and see it but I think it's sold out. Do try, by whatever means you can find, to lay your hands on a ticket if you don't have one already. 

This guy warms your heart amidst glorious ridiculousness. My review is yet to be published for those that hang on my valuable words (?!). 

One Step BeforeThe Fall was completely and utterly glorious, to the point where I ran out of this show and bought a ticket for their companion show, The Narrator. Cari, if you're reading this and can possibly cheat your way out of work for 5pm on Thursday - their very last show - go go go. It's stunning. 

I thought this was a bit daft but it's very well done and no doubt very meaningful so who's to argue with that?


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