Saturday, July 22, 2017

Well, this is nothing but exciting.

Courtesy of PR whizz, Hannah, we've had an interview featured on The List's theatre editor's blog. You may enjoy it here.

Our big fat bribe marvellously worked, also with The List. Though I'm sorry it wasn't as exciting as the bribe offered by the Smut Slam Cabaret.

And here's a tidy little preview piece in What's On Edinburgh.

I shouldn't take such a childish pleasure from seeing my name in print. (For the right reasons - for the time being. Just you wait, cmf, until the reviews start to slate it. You won't enjoy seeing your name in print so much then.)

But for now, with thanks to Hannah, I am over the proverbial moon.


Blogger imw said...

Wonderful stuff. If that doesn't bring in the crowds nothing will.

11:56 am  

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