Wednesday, July 05, 2017

There was a little moment at tonight's rehearsal. One of the props ladies had arrived unexpectedly and I had to stop myself falling prostrate at her feet as I'd been worried that - you know - she'd changed her mind. 
The actors had arrived. I darted down to let the (lovely) prompt in. Came back up to re-arrange the furniture into the daft configuration that, for this show, represents desk table chair low chair chaise longue. 
And as I humphed furniture, I thought that they, these actors, were having a very sustained and fluent conversation in the kitchen. And then I realised they were saying lines and then I realised these were lines that I wrote. And then I realised that this thing has life now, independently of me. It's out there, amongst these small seven cast anyway, and it's theirs now, not mine. And it was nuts and marvellous.


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